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The world's most innovative vocabulary platform

You’re passionate about words, but can’t stand how boring they are to learn. We’re illustrating the 10,000 words that matter for academic success, with the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar.

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Work smarter, not harder.

Which words do we teach children? There is no defined vocabulary list and it’s driving parents and teachers crazy. Combining data science and creativity, we’ve curated and structured a series of vocabulary journeys, that are relevant to what children are learning in school.

But it’s not enough to just learn new words.

Between the ages of 7-11, children are expected to develop complex storytelling skills. With words mined from literature and exams, Mrs Wordsmith focuses on the most relevant words, and makes them memorable with hilarious illustrations.

Find out why it works.

What is the 10,000 word journey?

10,000 words? Don’t be alarmed. It’s simple.

First we mined books, magazines and exam papers, to identify the most relevant words for academic success.

Next we split them into journeys, so your child doesn’t have to tackle them all at once.

Then we brought them to life with the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar, and packaged them into neat, monthly bundles you and your child can work through in minutes a day.

See what you get here.

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Learn words visually


We’re the only vocabulary platform in the world to combine data science from Cambridge University, with Hollywood illustration, to create word learning tools teachers, parents and children love.

Children around the world are accelerating their reading and writing ages with Mrs Wordsmith. They’re becoming more critical thinkers, because the more they understand, the more they question.

Start your child on the journey of a lifetime, and broaden their vocabulary in minutes a day.

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