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  • Compare clothes, transport, and worlds
  • Check out each other's scores
  • Share Word Tag tips and tricks

Shape your world!

  • Explore the city streets and leave your mark
  • Tag the world around you and become a street art sensation
  • Share your epic creations with friends

Customize your characters!

  • Earn in-game coins and buy awesome rewards
  • Unlock outrageous outfits and vehicles
  • Be the coolest, most out-there animal in town!

The more you learn, the more you earn

Word tag allows the player to collects words and solve puzzles around those words. Each word activity provides the player with stars that help them track their progress: The more stars a player earns, the better their rewards. In Word Tag, it's simple, the more your learn, the more you earn!

The parent and Educator Guide

Our Parent & Educator Guide provides an insight into how the game operates. We build Word Tag with a strong, educational foundation rooted in engaging activites that reward children with knowledge and in-game content. Word Tag teaches vocabulary with the philosophy that our players are no longer learning to read but instead reading to learn.

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Loved by kids, parents, and teachers alike

“An exciting, effective digital learning tool. The only game kids should be allowed to play whenever they like!”

Professor Susan Neuman | NYU

How we do it
Made with Experts

How we do it

Entertainment: Our team features world-class creative talent from the worlds of animation and gaming
Community: We’re building a community of kids, teachers, and parents around a shared love of literacy
Education: We work with world-leading literacy experts to ensure all our resources are based on the Science of Reading
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