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Hollywood meets special education — The most powerful learning tool for children

Research proves that playful learning, humor and visuals are profoundly effective learning tools, boosting children’s engagement and retention. Mrs Wordsmith words are unforgettable because they’re visually engaging.

Our monthly subscriptions include everything you need to teach a word a day, including daily worksheets, flashcards and activities.

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The 10,000 words that matter, brought to life.

We combine data science and creativity to show children the words they need for school and life. Hilariously illustrated by the Hollywood award-winning artists behind Madagascar, this is research-driven vocabulary that works.

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What is the 10,000 word journey?

The 10,000 word journey represents the sum of all of our vocabulary journeys. That includes the Social, Narrative, Persuasion and Growth journeys. We call it a journey because we want to encourage children to learn a new word every day. Little and often is the key to success.

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