Schools & Teachers

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Free Materials for the Classroom

We offer all schools free teaching materials for the classroom. Our vibrant glossary mats engage children through the use of hilarious illustrations of words. The mats are perfect to use as group discussion aids, inspiring a curiosity about words and improving pupils’ wordbank. They will enjoy learning rich alternatives for basic words – for example, blurted to replace said, or staggered instead of walked.

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Complementing the curriculum

Teachers have highlighted the need for tools that help parents enhance their child’s descriptive vocabulary. Together with schools, we have created a programme for home use that complements the curriculum.

We know that with the burden on teachers to teach the core curriculum, it is increasingly difficult to find time for the rich words that bring meaning to life. With Mrs Wordsmith, children learn up to 300 rare words. During the six month programme, reading and writing improves and children develop what researchers call ‘word consciousness’, or a curiosity about words and how they are used. As a result, they are able to grasp the core curriculum more easily, enabling teachers to move beyond the basics.