If only I had the right words…

Here’s a solution for vocabulary learning for kids aged 5-11 designed by experts that works.

It’ll land on your doorstep every month

So you don’t have to trudge over to learning centres or pay expensive tutors. Each month, you’ll get a box set based around a cheeky narrative and addictive word games that children (and parents) can enjoy during mealtimes. We use familiar items to deliver our curriculum like placemats, sticky notes and printed loo rolls (coming soon).

Words matter

Research tells us that a child's vocabulary is the single biggest contributor to their performance at school in all subjects including maths.

Just 10 minutes a day keeps the tutor away

10 minute daily bursts beats cramming hands down and is enough for children to learn as many as 50 richly descriptive words a month.

Word of the Day - Malicious

Kids learn faster through visuals

Research also shows that illustrated words engage kids better, add context and consolidate understanding.

From the creator of Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania, comes Mrs. Wordsmith

We’ve asked Craig Kellman, the Hollywood artist behind the most loved films, to create a story that’ll get kids laughing while they learn.


Animals from all corners of the globe come to the Automagical School of WordCraft in England. They embark on a mindboggling adventure, learning English in the most unconventional way from their eccentric headmistress Mrs. Wordsmith and her robot butler.