What results can I expect with a subscription to Mrs Wordsmith?

We introduce children to ‘rare’ words, to enable them to improve their reading and writing, become more self-confident and advance in all academic subjects. Through a six-month subscription they will learn up to 300 richly descriptive words. Instead of ‘that sounds great’, you may find your child saying ‘that sounds extraordinary’, or replacing ‘smelly’ with ‘putrid’.

The programme will help them develop ‘word consciousness’ – interest and curiosity in words. This is a vital attribute for children to acquire if they are to become independent word learners.

What is the recommended age range?

The focus is on those aged 7–14 years old, which is a period of rapid word acquisition for children. But it is never too early or too late to increase a child’s word power. This product is suitable for any age as long as a child can read or has someone to read with them.

Does Mrs Wordsmith’s programme cover material my child learns at school?

Materials are designed to complement what children are learning in school, and to encourage a love and fascination of words. In consultation with experts as well as leading schools and teaching staff, we have focused on words that are not on the national curriculum vocabulary lists.

How much adult involvement is required?

The exercises are designed so that they can be completed independently by children who are readers. For children who are still mastering reading, they will need a parent or helper with sufficient reading skills to understand directions.

We do encourage parents to engage in conversation with their children about the words, in order to better progress and reinforce their learning. Just 10 minutes a day will make a significant difference to their reading and writing ability.

Why should I subscribe for six months?

It takes this time to build understanding, word consciousness and a habit of learning that will have long-lasting benefits. Each month we introduce a new set of words, using scaffolded instruction, and spaced repetition, to ensure vocabulary is learnt as effectively and efficiently as possible, spending just 10 minutes a day.

Through the six-month programme children will learn up to 300 richly descriptive words.


Does the Mrs Wordsmith programme work for children with dyslexia?

Absolutely – in fact, they may benefit more than most because they don’t get new vocabulary words through reading. By expanding their oral vocabulary, you can increase their skill and confidence.

Children with dyslexia need structure, repetition, and support. Mrs Wordsmith is designed to provide just that. The added supports of hilarious, images and child-friendly definitions make learning more attractive than traditional literacy programmes.

  • Start by reviewing the flashcards together. Read the words aloud, noticing elements of the picture that reinforce the meaning of the word.
  • Read the definitions. Talk about other ways the word might be used.
  • Read the story. Notice the words used in the story.
  • Rip off one mat at a time. Do the activities orally together with your child. Point to the words as you read them.
  • When your child is ready, they can copy the words on the blanks provided, and complete other written exercises.

The most important aspect of the process is building knowledge of the word in terms of what it means and how it looks. This way, the word will not be as mysterious when they encounter it later during reading.

Does the Mrs Wordsmith programme work for children with autism?

People often ask whether Mrs Wordsmith’s products are effective teaching tools for students with autism spectrum disorders. This question lacks a ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer due to the fact that individuals with autism have a wide range of skills, including cognitive-, verbal- and nonverbal. With this in mind, we recommend that parents and practitioners take into account the overall level of functioning for the child in question.

Importantly, in the verbal domain, many students with autism have higher receptive skills than expressive. That is, they understand much more than they are able to articulate. For these students, it may be useful to use Mrs Wordsmith’s mats and flashcards to teach new vocabulary, and students can respond with gestures, pointing or other modes of communication to establish whether or not they understand the new words.

Many students on the autism spectrum are particularly gifted in the visual realm, and are able to recall visual details quickly and seemingly effortlessly. For these children, Mrs Wordsmith is an ideal product as the illustrations are engaging, detailed and humorous.

A unique aspect of Mrs Wordsmith’s illustrations lies in the emotions they convey. Individuals with autism often have difficulty understanding emotional cues, so pairing words that convey subtle emotions with an image that ‘hits the nail on the head’ can jump-start comprehension of new vocabulary. The product is designed at the level of a typically-developing 7-14 year old. The range is purposefully wide because children’s development depends on individual differences as well as exposure.

What if my child hates reading?

One of the reasons children hate to read is poor comprehension. If they have to skip over several of the words in a passage because they don’t know them, they won’t understand the meaning and end up feeling deflated. Reading becomes a chore and they soon give up.

Mrs Wordsmith addresses this problem. Learning new words is fun and effective thanks to hilariously illustrated images, which are proven to stick better in children’s memory. Once empowered with word knowledge, your child will find reading easier and much more enjoyable.


What is included in a subscription?

Every month for six months you will receive everything you need for your child to learn up to 300 rare words. This includes, daily worksheets, reference mats, flashcards and rewards.

You will also receive a weekly email with easy-to-follow instructions and tips. Our neuroscientist Dr Lesley Sand is always on hand to answer questions and offer advice on how to get the most out of our product.

Price includes delivery to the UK. Please see our Order page for full details.


Can I cancel my subscription?

To get the best results, we recommend you follow the full six-month programme. However, with a pay monthly subscription, you can cancel your subscription at any time after the first month. Log in to My Account and go to ‘Manage my subscription’. Upfront subscriptions may be cancelled but no refunds will be issued on outstanding months.

What are our refund and cancellation policies?

Pay monthly can be cancelled at any time, no further payments will be taken after cancellation. Refunds will not be made on upfront payments if customers decide not to receive all six months.

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When will I receive my first delivery?

The first package will arrive within 5-7 business days of your order being confirmed. If you have not received your order by this time, please email info@mrswordsmith.com.

How do you deliver?

Mrs Wordsmith is sent via Royal Mail direct to your door. You can track your package using the tracking information that was emailed to you.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Currently not, please email info@mrswordsmith.com for more information.

Can I change or pause delivery?

We will do our best to change your planned delivery date, for example if you know you are going to be on holiday one month or have not managed to get through the material on time. To postpone or accelerate delivery, go to my account/manage my subscriptions and you can manage your deliveries.

How do I change my account email address or password?

Go to My Account. You can reset your password if you have forgotten it. If you need help logging in, email us at info@mrswordsmith.com.

How do I change my payment, billing or delivery address?

You can change all your personal inforamtion from your Mrs Wordsmith online account. Your account is made during the purchase process. If you already have an account and wish to login, please click here

What happens to my information once I register with you?

We never share or sell your information. It is kept on a secure server and is only used by us to ensure our product meets your standards. See our detailed Terms and Conditions for further information.

Can I unsubscribe from Mrs Wordsmith emails?

You can unsubscribe at any time via the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of each email, or manage your email preferences from your account.