Handwriting Meditations: part 1

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illustrated character writing


Children work on their handwriting skills throughout school. The more practice they get, the faster and more legible their writing will be.

Download our Handwriting meditation: Awesome, Handwriting meditation: Create, and Handwriting meditation: Love activities below.

All three activities include handwriting practice for an inspirational quote and vocabulary word. Practice your handwriting by writing them out. This activity also includes an illustrated poster to decorate and stick on your wall.

Common Core Alignment:

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.K.1.A Print many upper- and lowercase letters.


Handwriting sample pack

Sample Pack

Gargantuan Sample Pack

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Deep Dive

Despite the growing role of technology in all aspects of life, handwriting remains an important skill, directly contributing to overall reading and writing fluency. Experts warn that switching to a keyboard too soon can have a negative effect on a child’s reading and writing progress.

To find out more, read our blog post on the benefits of handwriting.

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